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Since our goal is to inspire you to find your own greatness after 50, it makes sense that we should allow you to post what you are doing or going to do that displays your own personal greatness !

Add your own page to this website !

Tell us what goals you have and how you are progressing towards them.  Your efforts will inspire others, both young and old, to strive for great things … and what’s better than that?!?

What is Greatness?

It is different for everyone.  For some people it means running for President of the United States while for others it means getting into the best shape of their life (or at least better shape than their kids or younger co-workers).  Many people run marathons or Ironman triathlons after they turn 50 but the fact that many people have done it should not discourage you from doing it too.  Using a marathon as an example, the truth is that less than 1% of the world population ever trains for, enters, and completes a marathon race.  If you ask me, being part of that select group is definitely “greatness”.

What is YOUR Greatness?

Have you thought about what great things you could accomplish after you turn 50?  Just because you have not done it yet does not mean that it cannot be done.  Start today!  And make a public commitment to something great.  That is where this website comes in…


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