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Bill Phillips has done a number of great things in his life… building a company, writing best selling books and impacting the health of thousands of people.  He also faced a challenge as he approached 50 and has proven that great things are still in store for him after 50.  Here is a post by Bill’s Facebook page…

Me at age 47 left (so embarrassing) now at age 50 on the right. Just like everybody else, when I stop working out and eating right, I lose muscle and gain fat. I had a serious injury a few years ago and had to be in a wheelchair and hospital bed for a long time. I got back on track though and I worked hard to gain muscle and cut my bodyfat from 23% to 8%. I might not ever be as strong as I was before the accident but I am determined to be as good as I can be at this point in my life. Best of all now… I can walk up stairs and even jog a little… I am grateful for every step! If you have had adversity knock you off track, don’t give up! Don’t let age stop you either! You CAN get your body and life back on track! I know, because I did it.

Bill Phillips - greatness after 50

Thank you Bill Phillips for inspiring those of us who look more like your before picture!  With hard work, great things are possible… even after 50 !


Followup: more on the topic from Bill Phillips …

(also from his Facebook page)

Recently I have posted before and now photos of my upper body and I have received several questions about how my injured legs are doing.

Bill Phillips legs before-after injuryHere are before and now photos of the legs: on the left is where my quads were after I got out of a wheelchair and out of leg braces following my accident a while back (legs were very small and very weak and the pain was brutal). On the right are my quads today, over 100 leg workouts later.

I can’t do barbell squats and many other exercises… I can do spin bike at high intensity for quads and pretty light dumbbell squats and light leg extensions.

Remember I severed all quadriceps muscles on both legs from their attachments at the patella by literally tripping and falling down some stairs (yes, I know that was a stupid mistake – but it all worked out for the best believe it or not).

My re-attached quadriceps muscles won’t do everything but I don’t let that stop me… I do the exercises I can do and I try very hard when I am doing them… I work around the injuries and I don’t let limitations stop me.

And as I have mentioned before, I don’t let the fact that I am age 50 stop me either. I still have a way to go so I am working hard to achieve new goals and I am fired up about improving and making more progress in the future. I have a whole new respect and a new compassion for people who are going through adversity because of injury and I know that it is hard and painful and humbling.

I want to show that you can renew your strength and health and feel able and pain-free again. Get back on track and don’t give up!

Bill Phillips is truly an inspiration … not just to those of us over 50, but anyone who wants to achieve things in their life !  Keep it up Bill !


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